What is A Life Changing Blog ?

It all started in June 2018 when I decided to go Alcohol Free, which for a guy that spent most weekends getting wasted was a massive achievement. Making that one positive change led to a chain reaction of self improvement in all areas of my life.

I feel that by blogging it will help encourage me to make further changes in my life, I’m the type of guy that thrives off of challenges, building a writing habit being one of them. If its here in public in black and white, I’m more likely to do something about it.

I hope that people see what I’m trying to do here so I can help inspire them to make a change in their life too, however small that first step maybe, its a series of small changes that make big differences.

The dream

I have a dream, and only by changing everything I do in my life can I make that dream come true. My dream is quite simply time and to have more of it. I don’t crave expensive jewellery, fancy cars or anything material at all, for me its the most precious thing I don’t have enough of in my life.

The reason why this needs to be a priority in my life is because of my beautiful wife Gillian. We met in 2002 when I was twenty and she was forty and went on to be married in 2006. We’ve an amazing life together for which I’m incredibly grateful for, she’s my everything and together its us against the world.

Though sadly due to the age gap its always been obvious that we’ll never grow old together. A pleasure that lots of couples take for granted is something that will always elude us, which is why our time together is so very important.

How we plan to change our life

Our plan to allow us more time together is to move to Cornwall, we would like to purchase a property with an attached holiday let, to eventually allow us to become financially independent.

Having gone round in circles for many years with managing money and debt something had to change. We seemed to be working all the hours and barely treading water, always in the overdraft and ultimately not happy. So we began at the bottom, took 100% responsibility for what was happening in our life and made our goal our obsession and there’s plenty of work to be done !

Challenging ourselves

This blog is going to be set out in a series of challenges in varying different areas of our life. Completing each challenge will bring us one step closer to the life we truly desire and improving us as people along the way. Ticking one off and moving onto the next, small steps to one big change !

The blog will be about being alcohol free, frugality, productivity and mindfulness on our journey to our dream, there’s plenty to be done in all areas. I’ve never really written before so my grammar/spelling may not be perfect and I don’t claim to know everything about anything. This will be trial and error for me, so please feel free to share your advice.

I have an urge to write to improve and I just want to share what worked for us.

Who is Mario ?

Not my real name thats for starters, my real name is Jason Marriott. Mario is a nickname I’ve had since the age of 12, everyone calls me Mario so you can too ! I work as a Parts Manager in the automotive industry of which I’ve been involved in since I left school.

My other interests include LEGO, photography, reading, dogs, movies and music.

So welcome to a life changing blog ! Thank you so much for taking the time to come and take a look.

I’d love to speak to any of you so please do leave a comment on the posts or email me directly on;