Financial Challenges
Date completed Notes
Complete a one year personal spend ban
Save £20,000 for our holiday let
Save and invest £5000
Save 20% of our monthly income For 12 consecutive months to be complete
Save a £1000 emergency fund
Live without a credit or debit card for 30 days
Find a way to generate extra income
Keep an extensive month by month financial breakdown

Personal Challenges Date Completed Notes
Read 25 books in one year
Read 50 books in one year
Read 100 books in one year
Read every book I own
Complete a blogging course
Complete a photoshop course
Complete a graphic design course
Complete a creative writing course
Only watch one hour of TV per day
Only watch two hours of TV per week
Gain a professional qualification
Gain a degree
Go for 30 days without complaining
Become a better speaker
Build a writing habit
Write 1000 words every day for 30 days
Declutter every room in our house