I haven’t been around for a while, here’s why….

I haven’t been very active on my blog or related social media at all lately, I really would like to have been around more, but I’ve just been incredibly busy. I listen to The Disruptive Entrepreneur podcasts by Rob Moore, I really enjoy them and there were one or two very simple things he touched upon which made me question my priorities.

First is the need to create multiple streams of income, obviously, this isn’t rocket science and Rob isn’t the first person to mention this and certainly won’t be the last. It’s been on my radar for quite some time now, create that extra form of income on top of our salaries from our full-time jobs, I had to make that a priority.

The second was that you need to concentrate on what IS earning you money or has the potential to earn you money, concentrate purely on that and forget everything else. If it isn’t making you any money, it’s a hobby, put it on the back burner and come back to it when you can.  Again, another simple concept, putting both these things in front of everything else is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few months.

Even though we both work full time, I’ve been thinking of what we could do to create that extra income for quite some time now. I’ve pondered many, many different things but knew something that provided a service to people would be the way we needed to go. I figured selling a service of some kind would preferable to tying our money up procuring a lot of stock/goods to sell online.

We needed something that would fit in with our working hours and fit in with our life without too much disruption. Our dogs are a massive part of our life, we have never been able to bring ourselves to put them in kennels whenever we went away and have always left them with home boarders, with a local home boarder ceasing business it made sense for us to offer a dog home boarding solution.

We began the extensive research into gaining the licence to be able to offer this service from our home. After lots of paperwork, dog first aid courses, council inspections and a considerable amount of time later we were finally awarded our boarders licence and began Gill’s Dog Home Boarding.

We’ve set up our website GDHB.CO.UK and advertised in several places leading to an excellent response over the summer. We’ve boarded several dogs so far and it’s been really encouraging to see how happy our customers have been when they see how well their dogs have been cared for. Many customers have said that the extra peace of mind they’ve had leaving their dogs with us has enabled them to enjoy their holidays even more.  


Starting and operating this business on top of our full-time jobs has taken up a lot of our time which is why I’ve been so quiet, but going back to what Rob said I felt it was important that we created that extra form income and it was made our number one priority. It’s another form of security for us that goes straight into our savings, we’ve no need to touch that money at all either as we budget well, so it’s starting to build up quite nicely to help for our future.

Then on top of my full time and part-time jobs I have also just started studying English Literature and Creative Writing degree with the Open University. I don’t claim to be an excellent writer but it’s a muscle like any other I’d like to work on and improve, it’s important to me that I better myself and I believe I can do this through the OU.

Now that the dog boarding is well up and running and the course is started and study time pencilled in the diary I want to get back into posting on a more regular basis and the only way my writing will become any better is by plenty of practice! So with all that explained, I do have plenty more to update you on in the future so I look forward to speaking with you all a bit more regularly from here on out.


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