No Alcohol For One Year – I Made It!

No Alcohol For One Whole Year; I Made It!

365 days ago, I made the decision to no longer drink alcohol. I suppose you could say I had a wake-up call, for quite some time I knew deep down that something in my life needed to change, I needed to take action and rewrite my story, I knew it was alcohol that had to go.

It was no good for my health, I needed to be super sharp for my job and wasn’t helping with the constant frustration of our money situation, doing the maths on my alcohol expenditure for one year alone was a big enough kick up the backside for me to take up the challenge.

So, I’m super proud to announce:


For one whole year, not one drop of alcohol has touched my lips. No more hangovers, no wasted weekends, no anxiety, better sleep and a better life all around. I never would have dreamt the massive difference one year of not drinking would make to me, it’s been literally life-changing.


I feel such a different person to who I was just twelve months ago, the old me has gone and will never be coming back, it has spurred me on again and again in all areas of my life. I’ve just had that constant thought process of well if I can give up alcohol, what else can I do? It’s been a chain reaction; one change has inspired the next.

Organisation and Productivity

I’ve gained so much more time, the time when I was busy out getting drunk, the days afterwards recovering, because let’s face it when you get over 35, it is days to recover not just the one! So that time has translated into being able to be so much more organised with work and home goals and that in turn makes me so much more productive in all areas of my life.


I’ve more time and energy to face things head on, so I find I tend not to procrastinate any more. The things I don’t want to do and difficult things need to be done first and everything else always comes easier after that.


I have literally devoured an insane number of books over the last twelve months, they have been imperative to me making this journey, from encouragement and tactics to going alcohol-free and then information regarding every other knock on change I’ve made in my life following on from that. I’ve enjoyed many self-help books, several personal finance books, a few on business as well as one or two novels. I can’t begin to tell you how much better off I am as a person for reading more.

Podcasts have also become a massive part of my life now as well, no longer do I really listen to the radio playing the same twenty songs on repeat all day. Podcasts are an incredible form of free information; they can take you down some incredible paths you never would have dreamt of walking down. There are some incredibly talented individuals out there, putting out some outstanding content for not even a penny.

The big one for me is that I’ve signed up with the Open University to begin a degree in September in English Literature and Creative Writing, I’ve always regretted not trying harder when I was at school (always out drinking with friends), so I’m very excited to begin this. I have been doing some of their free courses as well which are very good and doing some self-study on some current A-Level books, trying to brush up on the study skills again.

And of course, I’ve started this Blog! That’s been a steep learning curve in setting it all up, trying to improve my writing skills and attract some readers. I’m quite pleased with the amount of traffic I’ve had all in all too.


Of course, the biggy, the finances! Well, I’m most pleased with how well I’ve done there really, I track our finances and budget religiously (as you’d expect), but it’s the extra cash from the booze that’s made such a huge difference to our finances over the past twelve months.

We’ve managed to pay off our £1800 overdraft and haven’t used it for around 15 months now, which for us is incredible. We’ve also managed to save around £1700 in our emergency fund with a goal of getting to £4200 by the end of 2019, so we’re well ahead on that. Six months of expenses works out to £4200; we’ll look to invest any other savings after we’ve reached that target.

Over the next few months, we’ve got some side hustles that will fall into place and hopefully also help towards making further investments for the future.

So, all in all, I consider I’ve managed to do all this since going alcohol-free just one year ago. To say I’m pleased with the progress is an understatement, I’d pretty much say it’s a safe bet I’ll remain alcohol-free for the foreseeable future, the benefits of being so are huge.

I’m looking forward to the next year to see what more I can achieve. I highly recommend trying to go alcohol-free, don’t keep putting it off and saying you’ll start tomorrow, do it today.

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5 thoughts on “No Alcohol For One Year – I Made It!

  1. Congratulations! I have to admit that I do drink alcohol, but only occasionally. I have never been a great drinker. Most of the time I actually just drink alcohol-free lager at home (50p a bottle and I drink three a week so that’s a grand total of £1.50). From time to time I have a glass of wine, although this is less than once a month. We stock up when we go to France and so it tends to be fairly reasonably priced. The only time my alcohol consumption increases is our annual holiday to France where I probably have a glass of wine every day.

    I would love to hear more about what self-help books you have read and the podcasts you listen to. Maybe a new blog post or two?

    1. I have the odd alcohol free beer, whenever I get the craving for one and they’re actually pretty decent these days too. I don’t really make too much of a habit of it as they’re pretty much the same price as a normal beer and saving money was part of the reason for quitting. My friends went to France ridiculously cheap wine from there, bottled water probably cost more! So many books in the past year to help, probably is worth a post on its own! It was mostly the One Year No Beer Podcast and book that kicked it all off really.

  2. Hey Mario, I am a first time reader.

    Congrats on reaching your first alcohol-free year. It’s great to see how much you’ve changed and done and improved over the last 12months.

    I’m planning to give up smoking soon and use my blog as tool of help.

    Thanks for writing this down, it’s inspiring and hope to be as successful as you on the giving up process.

    Keep it up

    1. Thank you Tony, for taking the time to comment, sorry about the late reply been working on a side hustle lately. I hope with my blog just to inspire anybody to begin their journey, I hope they see that I started from scratch to try and change my life and they can too.

      I wish you well on giving up smoking, you’ll feel so much better for it! I gave up seven years ago and it’s such a worthwhile goal, I’m so glad I kicked it. I’m sure there will come the day where you’ll be glad you made the change too. I found the Nicotine mouth sprays were really helpful, good luck!

  3. I really loved and appreciated this post. So many things you said were all too relatable and made me laugh out loud. I have had a complex wrestling match with alcohol for years and have often considered casting it out of my life completely. Thank you for sharing this and I hope Cup of Jo will feature more articles on this topic. Xoxo.

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