One Year Shopping Ban Day 1

So today is the first day of my one-year shopping ban, I thought I would outset the rules in place to govern me for the next year. I don’t need to spend, I don’t need any more stuff and, in the run up to this a lot of thought has been put into what I might need before deadline day comes and I haven’t been able to think of anything because I already own it.

 I’ve neglected to see what’s already around me. I’ve been decluttering already for some time and that will also continue well into the foreseeable future, but by doing so it uncovered so many things I didn’t get around to and had forgotten about, those jobs I never finished and those left off hobbies.

That’s what the next year should be about, thinking more carefully about everything. I want it to be a year of depth, a year of stopping and taking the time to think and make a more informed decision in many areas of my life.

I’ve certainly enough books to keep me going I’m hoping I’ll have read every book I own over the duration (I’m looking forward to that challenge on its own), Netflix and Prime have also been cancelled, I’ve a big box of Blu-rays and a hard drive full of stuff. Entertainment for the next year shouldn’t be a problem.


I’m allowed to spend on travel and enjoy days out or cinema and theatre etc, but where possible I should aim to never pay full price. I need to get into the habit of being smarter in saving money at every opportunity, using apps, money off cards, coupons and special offers to search out those deals. Full price is not an option!





Rules for the Yearlong Shopping Ban

What I am allowed to shop for:

  1. Groceries
  2. Household supplies, decorating, garden and maintenance
  3. Toiletries (only basic requirements when I run out, no aftershaves or fancy shit)
  4. Gifts for others
  5. Items on the approved shopping list

What I’m not allowed to shop for:

  1. Meal deal, fast food lunches and coffee (I should be making my own at home for work)
  2. Clothes and shoes
  3. Household items (ornaments and kitchen gadgets)
  4. Electronics
  5. Books and Magazines
  6. Subscription services of any kind

Approved shopping list:

  1. I can replace any item that has broken or worn out and cannot be repaired or fixed. Thought must be given to that even after the item has broken if I can live without it or not. Then considerable thought must be given on the replacement, buying quality over price, researching thoroughly before deciding.
  2. LEGO is one of my main hobbies and a large part of my life. I build models used in displays to help raise money for charity and all my friends are in the LEGO community. I will be allowed to spend a maximum of £50 per month on parts supplies, though if I don’t have anything to build, I won’t necessarily buy anything at all.
  3. Self-improvement/training courses or seminars. Each course must be fully completed before the purchase of the next.
  4. Work-related consumables

So thems the rules folk ! I’m excited about the next year actually, I’m looking forward to hopefully saving money and it being beneficial to every area of my life. Let the ban begin!



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