Smashing Goals with #ThisIsMyEra

One of my reasons for going alcohol free was because of the promotion I received at work, typically it consisted of a bigger work load, more responsibility and generally being crazy busy! I figured going alcohol free it would benefit concentration, and productivity all round to help make my new role easier.

Obviously doing this alone would not help with everything that was thrown at me and decided it would be sensible to get a work diary to help me with my newly acquired to do list and so my search began. Now you see for me that’s not quite as easy as you would think, I like the benefits of having a whole A4 page per day without carrying round the size and weight of an A4 diary, impossible right?

I spent a considerable amount of time looking at diaries of all shapes and sizes, at one point wondering whether to even purchase a Filofax style diary and yes they are still available, somebody somewhere still loves them. Swiftly finding nothing suitable in the world of diaries, planners soon came up recommended by Amazon.

I picked holes in every single one, this one hasn’t got enough room for tasks, that one has got too many irrelevant sections, this one has too little room for notes and then like Goldilocks I struck upon one that was just right the #ThisIsMyEra planner.

The first thing that struck me about this planner was the fact that it was of A5 size but each day was spread over two pages, therefore the space of an A4 page but not huge and weighty, although each day was divided up into various areas I knew I would make use of all of them. I’d struck gold.

The planner spans 90 days totally undated allowing absolutely zero wastage, you’re good to go from whichever week you start to choose from. Each day page contains room for daily gratitude, priorities for the day, to-do list, self-affirmation, achievements/follow ups, notes and daily schedule.

In the front is a section devoted to keeping all your S.M.A.R.T goals your number one priority, every time you open the planner there they are to greet you keeping them at the forefront of your mind every day. This section allows you to break down your goals into smaller actionable steps, with target dates too so that you can keep yourself on time and on track.

Then there’s the weekly review and I really do love this part the most, two pages for each week to specifically list what you’re going to be doing to smash those goals. This is the section that really gets me fired up, it really works incredibly well to get you motivated.

I love to see all those sections ticked off at the end of the week and if by Sunday they aren’t? It gives me that kick up the back side to get them done, roll them over into next week? Not happening!

There is also a monthly planner spread over two pages for a quick view of your upcoming plans.

The planner has a durable cover that stands up incredibly well to the automotive trade I work in, after 90 days they still look as fresh as the day I started it. Finished off with ivory coloured paper and an elastic closure strap, two bookmarks and numbered pages throughout. It oozes quality and obvious thought put into every single aspect.

And the best bit of all is that for every single planner that is purchased a stationary set is donated to children in Africa, great to see that #ThisIsMyEra is going that extra mile to make a difference.

I really love my planner, overall it makes a huge difference to me day to day by making my life more organised and helping put my productivity through the roof and most importantly helping me achieve my goals. I highly recommend picking one up you won’t regret it.

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Available shipped from the US as singles or multipacks or from Amazon in the UK, pick one up today!

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